Sunday, September 28, 2008

This Weekend at Hogscald Hollow

I spend this weekend working the the yard.Our yard is almost 2 acres and has been very wild and overgrown for as long as we have had this house.The time has come and a little help so....things are getting done.Here I am taking the grand babies big toys around to the back yard.Adam got a good laugh at this one.I love my little trailer.Last week you would not been able to see me through here.
When I would come up for a rest I also worked on so cinnamon sticks Santas.I painted 185 of them.

Then I bundled then up and tied them with a wool bow.I am getting for the big craft show I do every year.War Eagle has been going for 51 years and I have been doing it here 14 of those years.People come from all over for this show.It is the 3rd weekend of Oct.

Now for a little input from Adam.He took this pic of a plant he is growing.It just started blooming and he wanted the play guess the flower with you.So....take a Guess?I will send a little gift to the first person that gets it right.
Live deeply,Vicki

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Past Needle Felting

Here are a few pictures of some of the needle felting I have done in the past.Someone I know (no names given)keeps telling me I need to talk more about my art.I have a hard time talking about myself when it comes to something close to my heart.And my art is at the top of that list just behind my God and my family.So I am going to try harder.
Not a good picture of this little dog, but I get more laughs over this piece.I made him as practise for the dog below.Every picture I got of that dog she had her tongue out and her teeth were showing.
Here is the "Fairy Godmother" that I felted for a swap on Wild Art Dolls.She was very sassy.

This is "Rock and Roll", I was commissioned to felt these two sweeties for a lady that I now think of as a friend.Just above is the dog of her daughter that she ask me the felt after I had done her two.She sent me pictures of the dogs for me to work from.
Live Deeper,Vicki

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More Work Pictures

I work at a beautiful little place called War Eagle Cavern.We are only 15 miles from the city of Rogers Arkansas but when visors pull in the tree covered drive they feel like they have come into the country.Walking the paths to and from the cavern are a nature lovers dream.
As you walk around the grounds ,if you look close you can see all kinds of little crawly things.

Don't worry, he is only about 4 ins. long. I have seen him every two day for a week.Ring neck snake.

I thought this was a cool shot.Sometimes you have to look up.This week we are stating to see some color in the trees.

And of course here are some more mushrooms.I found them down by the mouth of the cavern on a old tree stump.

This is a side view.I love just walking through the woods to see what I can find.The cavers motto is "take only pictures live only footprints".
I hope you don't mind me adding nature pictures with my art pictures.
Live Deeply,Vicki

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Great Day at Ozark Folkway

Today, my nephew and I spent the day demoing needle felting at Ozark Folkway.We had a beautiful day talking to people and eating yummy chicken-and-dumplings.This is Freda and as you can see she makes baskets.I love the big round one at the bottom of this pic.

This is my nephew,Patrick holding a needle felted piece he made.And to the left of him is some of the things I have made.

Here is the front of Ozark Folkways.It is this great old rock building with ivy growing all over it.They are trying to keep the old arts alive.Many local artist sell their work here.

This sweet lady is Connie.She is the heart of Ozark Folkways.She is standing at the new rug she is working on.

This is a piece that was in the art show they were having.It is a locker hooked rug made with roving.I loved this rug.I forgot to get the lady's name that hooked it.
We did not have a big crowd,but this was the first year for this and I know with Connie it will just get bigger and bigger.
Live Deeply,Vicki

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Getting Ready for a Show

Here are a few of the things I will have for sale at the Ozark Folkways this Sat.I have been making needle felted pins.This is a witch head.She has a big black hat on too.
I have made a few of this silly faces with all kinds of hair.I love using the old buttons for eyes.

Sorry the picture did not show up good.This is a little blue bird.I have also made crows and red birds

Here is the pile of pins I have ready for the show. They asked me to come and demo needle felting for them.I will get some pictures when I am there. If you live anywhere close to Winslow Arkansas come see me at Old Fashion Days at the Ozark Folkways.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Last Day of Class and Hurricane.

What was left of the hurricane came through late last night.We lost our power about 3:oo am and got it back at 1:00pm but we still done have any water.As I went to bead class today I took a few pics around Eureka Springs of what it did.This house had two trees fall on it.
This is the waterfall in front of my house.I have never seen so much water going over it.I had to drive through water four time just to get to the highway.

Today was the last day of the beading class with Eleanor Lux.If you ever have a chance to take a class with Eleanor,jump at it because she is a great teacher. Above are the things I beaded in class.

This is today's work,all but the hat looking thing(I did it last night).We made a beaded bead and then we got to pick for a box of things that Eleanor had collected.I picked a piece of corral to bead. Not sure if I am done with it yet,I think I may do some more to it.

I loved this class and I am hoping to mix the beads with the felting and maybe the rug hooking.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bead Class Thorough ESSA With Eleanor Lux

Bead class started Friday with 8 ladies.The class is being held at The Lux Weaving Studio in Eureka Springs.It is a 3 day class thorough ESSA.We are having a great time.I have done very little beading but for some reason I have amused a lot of beads.So, I took this class in the hopes of learning how to use some of them.I would love to mix the rug hooking, needle felting and beading all in one piece.
This is what I did Friday. It is the right angle stitch and it feels like fabric. The glasses in the corner are much needed when working with beads this small.

I love to see the beads like this.Eleanor said working with the beads in a bowl like this helps her work fast.You don't need to see the hole, you just drag your needle through the bowl and pickup a bead.

This is my work for today.We moved to the peyote stitch and I worked on a round piece.I did get more of it done at home tonight I will show you pics later.
Live Deeply

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Work Today Was a Killer;)

Today at work at War Eagle Cavern I had to do little cleaning around the grounds.As I was walking, I come across this old jar and pop bottle.I thought they made a great picture.
We have had so much rain this year that we have all kinds of mushrooms.I wish I knew more about them to know their names.This was a cluster of very round and puffy looking ones.

Here are some I could see from 50 feet or more.Very bright yellow.

This was a tiny,thin stemmed mushroom.It was about 1 1/2 ins.tall.

But, I think this was the coolest one I found today.I would really like to know the name of this one.It was pure white and looked like it had petals like a rose.

This little guy was hiding at the base of a tree when I was picking up sticks that had fallen from the trees in the last storm.He was so cute.

I took a few pictures and then let him go.I don't know if I can handle any more work day like today.
Tomorrow I will start a class through ESSA with Eleanor Lux, on beading.I think I have everything ready so now I just need a good night sleep.I was hoping to take a class all year but this is the only time I could get off work.It is just a 3 day class and most of it is over the weekend.
Live Deeply,

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Visit to Dana's Cabin

I know there are some of you out there that will be so jealous to know I spent a few hour in Dana 's cabin last night.What a place it is too.Can you say CUTE! Dana was wanting on the porch for me when I arrived.We spent your time talking,talking and eating hotdogs. The cabin smelled of cookies baking when I arrived .This was not the first time I have visited the cabin and I hope it will not be the last. Ore plans where to make art when I got there, but sometimes people just need to sit and talk. We did get around to working on a little rug hooking. This is Dana, her first time hooking. Today Dana and I when shopping.We had a great day going to two book stores,The Little Book Bindery,Handmade,Hobby Lobby, a tobacco shop(where we were given some wooden cigar boxes) and we did lunch.Above is Dana looking a handmade paper to make a book or two.Can't wait to see how they turn out. I think one of box that Dana got will become a book.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Gift and Blessing from Tammy.

When I got home today, not only had my brother-in-law done some tree trimming,but he had brought in a big box from the mail. I was like a little girl on her birthday.My hubby just looked at me like I had lost my marbles.When a opened the box the first thing I see is this great shiny blue paper everywhere.It looked so festive.When I lifted the paper out I found a beautiful box that said "Faith,Family,Friends"on the top of it and around the sides.Inside was 2 holiday vest fabrics that you cut out and sew up,snowman socks,Christmas photo card,Cross Stitch book,two wood hoops, a little sheep that makes sounds, wood rocking bunny,cinnamon sticks,angle sticky notes,wood bobbin,a very cute knitted black cat and a 15 foot vine garland.
I almost forgot,there was also the best smelling Citrus aloe bath soap.The whole box smelled like it.
It was a great feeling to know someone I did not even know, went to all this work for me.Tammy from made all this happen.Tammy thank you very much, it was a surprise to win your give-a-way and even more of a blessing than you will know. You sure have blessed me and now I hope to pass it on.I will making a give-a-way box and I hope you will enter it when I get it ready.
Live Deeply

Hogscald During the Civil War

From the web site
During the Civil War, Hogscald served as a campground and headquarters for Confederate Troops. One can easily see how the hidden valleys, caves and expansive rock bluffs afforded protection, while still providing the comforts of crystal clear water and abundant game. The scalding of hogs was such a popular task that the area was sometimes referred to as the "Confederate Kitchen", playing an important support role in nearby skirmishes and the Battle of Pea Ridge. Most Hogscald locals were Southern sympathizers, and were more than willing to offer their support in favor of the Confederate cause.
One local tale tells of a group of Union soldiers who camped near Hogscald, and were quickly captured of a band of confederates numbering half their size. According to the oft-told story, a wagon was loaded with corn whiskey and driven near the Union encampment, knowing that it would likely be confiscated and (even more likely) consumed by the Union troops. Their bit of trickery paid off, and the inebriated Union boys were quickly captured with little difficulty. For the full story, see Uncle Jap's Wiskey Coup.
Another local legend regales a story of two small bands of soldiers - one Union and one Confederate - camped at Hog Scald Hollow one winter during the Civil War, and how they held a temporary truce for Christmas, to cook and share their holiday feast. When the holiday had passed, they apparently went back to war.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Round Robin Doll is Done

I just got done with the round robin doll . Just in time to put her in the mail tomorrow.Her name is Pane Jane and she is a alien visiting earth.She stayed with me for a mouth and collected animals.We built her some cages to put them in for her travels.
The other thing she wanted to remember was our I sewed them to her belly so she would always have them with her.

I work a cave, so the first thing she wanted was a bat.I needle felted each of this little cuties , and are about 1 1/2 in. tall.

This is a frog from the lake I live on.I know! the frog is a little funny looking.

The ladybug was the color red.Where she comes from there is no red.But, I would be a hit with my red hair.I am glad she found the bug or I might be in one of the cages too.

The snake was my favorite.I used seed beads for his rattle and leather for his tongue

Friday, September 5, 2008

Sisters for Sale!

I don't think I would get any takers on this day.Not her best day. This is my sister Karri.She is 2 years younger then me but in this pic she looks much older.When we where teens people always thought she was the older sister, and she love it then.But, now she does not like it at all.This pic was taken just before her surgery.
By-the-way, everything went good with her surgery and she is now home.
This good looking man is my daddy, Joe.Bless his heart, he raised 3 girls and lived to tell about it.I have been at him for a long time to move to Arkansas with me.I would love to have him close to me,I miss him very much.

This beauty is my baby sister,Traci.She has darker red hair than I do and it was very curly when she was little.She is 13 years younger than me.We have art in common.We both love making things.
Our Mom died in 1992 so it has just been Dad and his girls.I am the oldest and yes I do try to mother the others some.Notice the I's...Vicki,Karri,Traci.
Live Deeply!