Monday, September 8, 2008

Gift and Blessing from Tammy.

When I got home today, not only had my brother-in-law done some tree trimming,but he had brought in a big box from the mail. I was like a little girl on her birthday.My hubby just looked at me like I had lost my marbles.When a opened the box the first thing I see is this great shiny blue paper everywhere.It looked so festive.When I lifted the paper out I found a beautiful box that said "Faith,Family,Friends"on the top of it and around the sides.Inside was 2 holiday vest fabrics that you cut out and sew up,snowman socks,Christmas photo card,Cross Stitch book,two wood hoops, a little sheep that makes sounds, wood rocking bunny,cinnamon sticks,angle sticky notes,wood bobbin,a very cute knitted black cat and a 15 foot vine garland.
I almost forgot,there was also the best smelling Citrus aloe bath soap.The whole box smelled like it.
It was a great feeling to know someone I did not even know, went to all this work for me.Tammy from made all this happen.Tammy thank you very much, it was a surprise to win your give-a-way and even more of a blessing than you will know. You sure have blessed me and now I hope to pass it on.I will making a give-a-way box and I hope you will enter it when I get it ready.
Live Deeply

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Tammy said...

You are welcome Vicki I am glad you liked the box of goodies!

Blessings 2 U Friend