Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bead Class Thorough ESSA With Eleanor Lux

Bead class started Friday with 8 ladies.The class is being held at The Lux Weaving Studio in Eureka Springs.It is a 3 day class thorough ESSA.We are having a great time.I have done very little beading but for some reason I have amused a lot of beads.So, I took this class in the hopes of learning how to use some of them.I would love to mix the rug hooking, needle felting and beading all in one piece.
This is what I did Friday. It is the right angle stitch and it feels like fabric. The glasses in the corner are much needed when working with beads this small.

I love to see the beads like this.Eleanor said working with the beads in a bowl like this helps her work fast.You don't need to see the hole, you just drag your needle through the bowl and pickup a bead.

This is my work for today.We moved to the peyote stitch and I worked on a round piece.I did get more of it done at home tonight I will show you pics later.
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