Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Woolkeepers Hook-in,Camby,In.

 Weekend before last Adam and I went to Camby,In. for the Woolkeepers Hook-in. What a great show.The ladies that put it on did a great job.
 Here you can see some of the rugs that were in the rug show.

 Lots of beautiful rugs.

 And great venders.This is Darlene York Trout, I meet her at the show I did this spring in Kokomo,In. and we hit-it-off so well we wanted to do this show together.We got to be side-by-side again.Fun,fun,fun.Hoping to get her to the NWA Hook-in.

 Adam took this pictures so I am not sure who's booth is who's.

 There was LOTS of yummy wool and patterns too.

I will post more rugs very soon.

Live Deeply,

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lots of Changes in Our Life....

 What is that old saying,"If life gives you lemons, make lemonade." If you have read my blog much you know that Adam and I have been in Springfield,Il. for almost two years and really did not like it.Well, right after my last post the company Adam was working for shut it's doors.So, we packed up everything we had in Springfield ( I had moved more art stuff than I knew) and we moved back to my Ozark Mountains.It all happened very fast because both grand babies birthday were the next week and we had planned on going home for that and we could not see any need to come back to Springfield,so we got everything ready to move in one week and rented a U Haul trailer. Two very nice guys Adam had meet at work came and helped us tote everything down 3 flits of stairs.
  We got home in time for the birthday party then a few days later Adam's mom started have some heart trouble so off to Oklahoma we go.We spent over a week there then came back home. Then we had to go to St.Louis for two days for a job Adam had to do.In between all this running I was working on getting my studio set up and workable.
 When the kids moved in with us they took the room I had been using as my work space. We have a full walkout basement that was going to be my studio but because of time,I had never got the studio setup.The two pictures here are what it looked like when I started.Everything was in boxes and trash bags.That stack of bags is my wool for rug hooking.
 As you can see here I have come a long way,but I still need more space for the wool.
 I also got my loom warped and even started weaving on it.
 I now have one rug done and the next one started.In between all the cleaning and weaving and grandbaby time, I have also been working on stuff for wto shows I have coming up.I have a Hook-in this weekend and a Art show next weekend.By-the-way, we are back in Springfield,Il. for a week or so for these shows and for a job Adam is working on.More to come soon.
Live Deeply,Vicki