Saturday, June 30, 2012

Stolen Rugs.......

I want to share this info.As a rug hooker I think we need to help each other.I got this info from Fisheye Rugs
It is such a shame that there are people will steal someones hard work.

Dear Rug Hookers,
Last week I was teaching a workshop in Ohio for a small group in a local church.  Two rugs were stolen from the church sometime after class on Tuesday and before class began Wednesday morning.  The room was filled with wool, hooking equipment including frames and cutters, other rugs and a digital projector.  None of those items were touched.  Please forward this email on to your rug hooking guilds and groups.  If you are a frequent follower of Ebay, Craigslist or any other internet site that sells things I would appreciate it if you would be on the look out for the rugs.  I am offering a reward for information leading to the return of the rugs.

Rug #1 is my Crocodile Mola design.  It was featured in the November/December 2011 issue of Rug Hooking Magazine.  It was exhibited at the ATHA Biennial exhibit in Lancaster, PA in October 2011 and at the Green Mountain Rug Hooking Guild exhibit at the Shelburne Museum in November 2011.  The rug is 36 x 48.  

Rug #2 is my Pumpkins and Leaves design.  It was hooked by Linda Woodbury and has been exhibited at many local shows in New Jersey.  The rug is 28 x 40.

I have attached photos below.
If you have any info please contact me or Linda.

Thank you,
Norma Batastini

Please keep your eyes out for these rugs.....if you have anything to share and need contact information for Norma, just send  a quick e-mail (fisheyerugs AT hotmail DOT com). 

Live Deeply and help a fellow hooker,

Friday, June 29, 2012

Up To My Elbows in Wool....

I thing I have found my rug hooking again. I have been up to my elbows in wool all week and I am loving it. Just finished the hooking on one of my newer rug designs.I love how the buzzard came out.I had a hard time with the border,tried three diffident ways.I really like a hit-and-miss border but the darker pieces made the buzzard fade out, so I went with lighter pieces.What do you think?
 Isn't the buzzard cute? I really like how he turned out.
 I have been trying for a long time to teach myself to spin and yesterday I finally plied together what I had done. So now I have my very first real yarn.I plan to dye it red and use it in a rug I am planning.
I have a Ashford spinning wheel and you may not know that my maiden name is Ashford. I would love to take a class in spinning. I think if I could sit with someone for three days and just spin, I would feel better about with I am doing.I did buy a good book (The Intentional Spinner by Judith MacKenzie McCuin) the other day and that is why I felt I could even try the plying.

Live Deeply and play in some wool today,

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

People of NWA Hook-in......

We had a great group of people at the Hook-in this year.
I love to catch the ladies in the middle of their conversations. 
We had many of the hubbies bring their wives and some hung around and did some talking too.Sitting, is Carl Burns,he is one of the few male hookers (hehe) I know. Rug hooking is a great hobby for anyone.
What makes a hooker happy? A room full of wool and other hookers.
This is my sister Traci at her first Hook-in.
I think these ladies are color planning a rug.
More talking!
Can you believe it, more talking! Yes hookers love to talk.
 Live Deeply and go talk to someone that shares your hobby.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Venders at NWA Hook-in and Rug Show....

Judy Cripps with Rustic Rugs
Janice Johnson with Wooly Woolen
Better Terrell with Betty's Baskets
Gina Levesque and family with Across Generations
Patty Wallace and hubby with Saltbox Primitive
Elinor Barrett with Black Sheep Wool Designs
Aileen Anderson with Bear Creek Rugs

I wanted to post some pictures of our venders at this years NWA Hook-In and Rug Show. Some how I missed  Renee Rethman and Ginnie Beaman when I was taking pictures.And of course I was there with Hardcastle Folk Art.
I would like to say a BIG "THANK YOU" to our venders of all your hard work in setting up your beautiful things for us to buy. I know I spread my money around.

Live Deeply and go buy some wool.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

NWA Hook-in 2013....

I am having storage problems for pictures that I want to post on here.Google is telling me I have used all my space and I have to pay for more from them. I am now trying to work with Photobucket  so I can get more pics up but it is taking much longer to upload them. Any help? Do you know a better way? Please help..

I did get this three pictures to work. Here the hookers are getting moved in and the fun is starting.My jaws hurt by the end of the day from all the talking.

More to come...

Live Deeply,

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Classes at 2012 NWA Hook-in.....

Friday we had four classes to kick off the NWA Hook-in for 2012. Seen here is Traci Wright, my baby sister taking the "Needle Felting on a rug"class taught by me.
 Itinia getting started on her felted bunny.
Here Leslie is working on a tail for her felted horse.
Linda may have got  to class late but she made up for it by working very fast to catch up.

Itinia was so funny, I gave her very sharp needle and then I was afraid for you fingers many times as she was felting.
This is Victoria Hart Ingalls class.I have one thing to say about Victoria " I love this lady!" She is a great teacher and I know everyone in her class had a great time.
Oh, Lynn, I know you are going to kill me for this picture. hehe ....
This is what the class was working on.Very cute. I got myself a kit too so I plan to make it soon.
Here you can see Janice and part of her class.Some how I did not get a picture of the pattern or the colors they used for this rug. But I can tell you "Beautiful".
Bonnie and Elinor are hard at work in Janice's class.
Here is Janet.
JoLynn,Rita and Marcia with Janice.
Aileen Anderson's class worked of backgrounds. Carol,Gwen and Susan had a full day on hooking.

Aileen cutting a little wool.
Mindy working in Janice's class.
Victoria's class.
Aileen's Class.
Itinia's felted bunny.
Leslie's felted horse.
Traci's felted owls. Traci does not hook so she did her felting on a piece of wool.
Linda and her bunny.

I really think we had great classes this year and a BIG thank you to each of the teachers.If you have a ideal for a fun class for next year please let me know.

More to come of a bit day hooking.

Live Deeply and make your plans now for next years Hook-in June 8, 2013.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

What Keeps Me Running in May....

 I have been very busy in the month of May.I was back to Arkansas  for War Eagle Craft Fair and to teach two sweet ladies how to rug hook.We had a great day of hooking.Above you see Brenda trying out my frame is she learns to hook.
 Barbara tries out a lap hoop as she learns to hook.Thanks ladies for a fun day and a great lunch. Call me when you get your hooking done and I will help you get the edge done.
 May brings the Spring War Eagle Craft Fair. It was a beautiful weekend weather wise.
 But, as you can see there were not a lot of people.It is so sad when all this artist and crafters spend so much time and money to come to a show and people do not come out to see it. A few years age the people that run the War Eagle Farm Show chose not  to do the Spring show anymore.But they got on TV and told everyone that there would be "NO" Spring War Eagle, not that just  their part of the show was not going to be there.They are only 1/3 of the whole event that goes on beside the War Eagle River that weekend.The other 2/3's of the event was still going. But they killed it for all of us. Then the next year we had to pack-up and leave fast on Saturday morning when the river started to flood. Last year we could not even have the show because of all the rain and flooding.So this year there was not many people at all.Then many of the people that did come walked down the middle of the rows and did not even go in the booths. I know that the things I make do not fit everyone's style, but if you do not walk in a booth and at lest look a little how do you know there is not something that you might love.
 Sorry if I sound like I am pouting, but I would really like to keep making art for a living and it is hard to do if there are no one to buy your work. Ok, I am done with that.
 My daughter Amber Herrera (Framed by Amber) had a display of her work sit-up to show people. I am so proud of her and all the beauty she is making.You really need to have your picture taken by her.I need to do a post just to show you some of her new work.
 Of course I had all my work there too.

 I have been hooking a lot. I finished the hooking on my Wendy Miller rug and I love how it looks.
 I also did these two little mats that I will sell at one of my shows. People keeps asking why I don't have rugs for sell so I am trying to get some done.

 Adam and I also when back to the tractor show with Frank and Ella. Here is Ella and I, we were quit the pair, we were both hacking our head off with bad colds.

 They had some fun things to see and ride.

I also made a trip to Rolla, Mo. for my nephew's Darwin Potter's graduation. Great job Darwin, I love you and hope the best for you.

Now I am getting everything ready for the NWA Hook-in and Rug Show that will be June 9,2012. I have spent the last four days get the souvenirs made.I will be heading back to Arkansas Tuesday to get everything done for the big weekend.

Live Deeply and make some are.