Friday, September 16, 2011

Few More Rugs From Truman Lake Rug Show and Hook-In....

 Here are more of the rugs from Truman Lake Hook-In. Enjoy!

I need to get hooking. I have so many rugs I want to hook.

Live Deeply,

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pattern for Nelda.....

 My good friend and hooking buddy Nelda, asked me to design her a pattern for a camp she is going to next month.She had a picture of a shirt that she liked and it had paisley all over it.She wanted it 30 60ins. which is the biggest rug I have designed so far.She also hooks in a 9 cut most of the time.  
 Well, two days and 4sharpies later I have a pattern that I hope she will like it.I know she will not be able to do all the little designs with a 9 cut  but I wanted to make it so someone working in a smaller cut  would have details to work on.
As I was working on this design I have started thinking of how I would do it.I have not ever hooked a rug this big but I think I will start color planning it so I can.

Here is Nelda hooking out-of-her box, she is using a 3 cut.

Live Deeply,

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Truman Lake Rug Show and Hook-In....

 Saturday I was in Warsaw Mo. for the first Truman Lake Rug Show and Hook-In sponsored by "Saltbox Primitive Woolens."
 The "flock "from the Saltbox were so muck help and made the day great.Here you see the flock doing a song and dance for us.
 Sherry DeMate of  was so cute in her apron.
 Here is a picture of the crowd.
 Patty and helper doing door prizes.
 Wendy Miller in her booth.Stay tuned for info on Wendy coming to the Eureka Springs Rug Hooking Camp.
 People around hook-in.
 Tammy from "Skip to My Ewe"

 Here is Maggie Bonanomi. I bought one of her books and I can't wait to make something from it.
This is part of Maggie's booth.
One of the ladies was working on this wool quilt.It is going to be beautiful.I really want to try some of this.
Now for the rug show.I will let the pictures speak.

I will post more pictures soon.
Live Deeply, Vicki

Friday, September 9, 2011

Bid Day Tomarrow, HOOKING!!!

I am sitting for in a motel in Warsaw,Mo. working on this rug.The beads are on and the edge is almost done.Tomorrow is the Truman Lake Hook-In.I am all setup and ready to go. I will take lots of pictures for you and post them soon.

Live Deeply

Monday, September 5, 2011

I Am Still Alive and Back to Work....

 Sorry I have been away for so long.I have been suffering with something that I don't know how to describe.The last two months I have not been able to do anything but set on my butt and flip through the TV channels.I could not hook,I could not felt and at times I did not feel like moving.At first I thought it was the birthday that was coming up, the big "50". Well, it came and went and that was not it.Nope! I am OK with turning 50. Two weeks later I was talking to my daughter and I realized what my problem was, I need to be outside more. When I am in Springfield I have to go down three sets of stairs and out a locked door and then I am on a parking lot.I am a country girl and I need fresh air and sunshine.So I am over this feeling down,I am moving on.

 Now to what I have been doing.Two weeks ago I went to Bishop Hill, Il. for their "Clay and Fiber Show." Here are some pictures from the show.It was a very fun two days.The pictures above are of a lady (sorry I can't remember her name) doing bobbin lace.

 There were lots of potters.
 And some beautiful pottery.
 There was some wood turning going on.
 There was some spinning going on but I did not get a picture of the spinners, but this wheel was in the shop and I think it is beautiful.
 There was broom making too.
 Here is Frank taking a brake from broom making.
 This is a wood burning oven that they were backing bread and pizza in.It was yum.
 This weekend Adam and i went to a ice cream social at the Marbold Farmstead.It was a  beautiful day to be outside.

 I demoed needle felting there.

And Adam just sat there and looked cute.

Live Deeply,