Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pattern for Nelda.....

 My good friend and hooking buddy Nelda, asked me to design her a pattern for a camp she is going to next month.She had a picture of a shirt that she liked and it had paisley all over it.She wanted it 30 60ins. which is the biggest rug I have designed so far.She also hooks in a 9 cut most of the time.  
 Well, two days and 4sharpies later I have a pattern that I hope she will like it.I know she will not be able to do all the little designs with a 9 cut  but I wanted to make it so someone working in a smaller cut  would have details to work on.
As I was working on this design I have started thinking of how I would do it.I have not ever hooked a rug this big but I think I will start color planning it so I can.

Here is Nelda hooking out-of-her box, she is using a 3 cut.

Live Deeply,


WoolenSails said...

When I first started, I had cut and they were like strings, lol. Now I usually use a 7 or 8, but has been harder to hook large cuts these days.


Tammy Burks said...

That is one awesome pattern! Can't wait to see what Nelda does with it!

Woolly Mammoth Woolens said...

What a cool pattern! Love it!

coinguyslady said...

Thanks all.Debbie,a fine hooking would be at this rug forever.I think I will try it with 8 and 8 1/2.
Tammy, I too can't wait to see what Nelda does with it.

Gayle said...

I LOVE paisley of any kind and this design is great! I have a smallish paisley rug that I hooked years ago and would like to do another one some day!

Donna said...

Wow, I really like your design. Keep us updated on the progress.