Sunday, April 29, 2012

St.. Louis Hook-In 2012.....

 Saturday was the first St.Louis Hook-in.I think there was between 15 and 18 vender.Here I am getting my booth all set-up.

 Here is looking across one corner of the room to some of the other venders.
 Shopping has started! Lots of great hookers.
 That is Nola Heidbreder with her back to me. She was in the spot next to me.

 Above three pictures are are some on the crowd. They just keep coming. 
 Now for the rug show. They had a contest so the rugs did not have names on them.Hope you enjoy.

 This is the rug that won "People's Choice". It was beautiful.

 My son Aaron help in my booth for a little bit so I could get out and look at the out booths and buy a little wool.

 Few more of the people that come to a hook-in. The ladies that put on this event did a great job.We had a fun time meeting new hookers and making new friends.

Live Deeply and Happy Hooking,

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Info for NWA Hook-in...

I have most of the info for the NWA Hook-In over on my blog "Arkansas Rug Hooking". Pop on over there and give it a look.More to come on the classes.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bishop Inn Hook-In.....Great Time.

 This Saturday was the Hook-In at Bishop Hill Illinois. We had a great time hooking and talking.
 We had a show-and-tell,but I did not get the names of everyone so you will have to just enjoy the pictures.

 This is Sally Kallin with "Pine Inland Primitives". She is helping this young lady pick wool for her very first rug.
 The two ladies sitting are my new baby hookers.They wanted to learn how to hook so Ella asked me to get them stated.I really had a great time teaching them.

 Sally was the vender for the hook-in and boy did she have some beautiful wool and patterns.And just to give you a heads-up, she will be at Eureka Springs Rug Camp in March 2013.More info to come.

 Some of Sally's rugs.

 There is Ella in the purple. She is the one that puts on the Hook-in in Bishop Hill.

This Saturday I will be vending at the St. Louis Hook-in. It is taking place at the Kirkwood Community Center,111 S. Gryer Rd. Kirkwood, Mo. 63122  You can get more info from Donna,Maria and Nina at  or 314.422.7771

Live Deeply and keep hooking,