Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hooking Today....3 Cut......

 I started working on this little violet pincushion that the students of Victoria Hart Ingalls did at the NWA Hook-in.I was teaching a class so I could not take her class.So I bought the kit and now I am working on it.
 You might notice all the values of the greens laying at the top of my frame.He you have looked at my blog for very long, you know I am more of a primitive hooker.But I am trying to learn to fine hook.
I have all the hooking done now and I will get the rest on the pincushion done soon. I also started the edge of the jar rug.I started with one color and got it half done but I ran out, so i had to take that out and find different
color wool.I am pushing it close on that color too, but I think it will work.

Live Deeply,

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Need A Help....Please...

Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Show so over, this is my booth all packed up.Doesn't look like much like this.As much as I love fiber shows,I am not sure this is my market.I meet some great people but  the show did not pay for itself.I don't know if I had kits for needle felting and rug hooking, it may have helped.Seemed that most of the money being spent was spent on supplies and not the "folk art" part of the show.How do you pick shows to do?How do you know what show is the best for your art?How do you sale "your" art to the people at a show? I am not a good salesperson at all. I tend to take the low presser style "Hello. if you have any questions please let me know".So as you can see, I am questioning if I am doing the right thing by doing shows at all. 

This week I have been hooking.I just finished the hooking on this rug.May need to change one of the flowers on the side.This is the rug I did in Anita White's class at Eureka Springs Rug Hooking Camp.

I really like how the jar turned out.

Now I am trying to decide which beads to use for the little stem flowers.

This is where I need help,which beads do you like?

Live Deeply.  Vicki

Saturday, June 25, 2011

More Pics From Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Show...

This is the most colorful show I have ever been to.

Beautiful yarns.

There is a group of rug hookers at the show and they have a few rugs to show.

I love this rug!

There are many bunnies around the show too.

More color.Oh my! Beautiful....

Live Deeply and come on down to the show...

Friday, June 24, 2011

First Day at Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Show...

 This is my booth at the show.My sister Traci got to come with me and we are having a great time.We got the booth all setup yesterday and today we had a fun crowd.

                               Traci has been working on some quilting and doing so shopping.

The last three pictures are of the booths around use.Can you say "hog heaven".
                                                      We are like kids in a candy shop.

Live Deeply,

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Big Weekend is Here....Wish Me Luck

This weekend I and doing the "Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair"that is being held at Grayslake,Il. I thought I was going by myself but I ask my baby sister if she would like to go and she got it worked out, so now Traci is going with me.I am really looking forward to spending the weekend with Traci.

I have been working hard to have lots of things for my booth.If you are in that part of the world come out and see us at the Lake County Fairgrounds.You can go to their web-page and see everything that is going on this weekend.
One of the new things I have being working of is these little hat hair bow.Auna is helping Nana model them.

She looks so cute it the hat.I wish she could go with me and model at the show.           

Live Deeply,

Monday, June 20, 2011

Venders of NWA Hook-in....

 We had great venders at our hook-in this year.This was the first year for Don from Oak Hollow Productions.
 Pat Wallace with Saltbox Primitive  is a regular.
 This was the first year for Janice Johnson and her hubby from Wooly Woolen.
Judy Cripps and her hubby have Rustic Rugs.
Gina Levesque with Across Generations.
Aileen Anderson with Bear Creek Rugs.
And first time this year, Kay Kjeldgaard and her beautiful baskets.

And last is me, but I never get pictures of myself with my booth.

Live Deeper

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Don't Forget ...

Don't forget it go over to my new blog and look at all the pictures from the NWA Rug Hooking and Rug Show..

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Winner Is.....

A while back I had a drawing for a cute little felted owl.I know I would she the winner at the Hook-in,so I waited to reveal the winner till now so I could give it to her in person.Mindy was the winner.Here is Mindy with her new pin.I tried to get a picture of her with her eyes open, but we gave up after 10 tries. hehe

I have posted new Hook-in pictures over on the new blog,so pop on over there and take a look.Arkansas Rug Hooking

Monday, June 13, 2011

NWA Workshops.....2011

 Well, the weekend is over and the NWA Hooking-in and Workshops is over for this year.We had a great time.The first few pictures are of my needle felting class.Above Kathy is working away.
 Nola had tried felting before and she took right to it. 
 Carol had never felted before but if you look at the last picture you will see she did a great job.
 Mindy took to felting like a fish to water.There was a lot of talking and laughing going on in our class.
 Here is Victoria Hart-Ingalls class.
 They worked on a sweet little fine-hooked violet.
 Nelda had to do some shading and if you know Nelda,you know that really pushed her.

 Someones violet in the works.
 Aileen Anderson's class worked on finished edges.
 Martha is working hard in class.

This is Carol's bunny she made in my class.

I have started a new blog just for the hooking events I do in Arkansas so people can find the info they need better.I will make a link on the side of the blog so you can find it all the time.

Live Deeply,