Monday, June 13, 2011

NWA Workshops.....2011

 Well, the weekend is over and the NWA Hooking-in and Workshops is over for this year.We had a great time.The first few pictures are of my needle felting class.Above Kathy is working away.
 Nola had tried felting before and she took right to it. 
 Carol had never felted before but if you look at the last picture you will see she did a great job.
 Mindy took to felting like a fish to water.There was a lot of talking and laughing going on in our class.
 Here is Victoria Hart-Ingalls class.
 They worked on a sweet little fine-hooked violet.
 Nelda had to do some shading and if you know Nelda,you know that really pushed her.

 Someones violet in the works.
 Aileen Anderson's class worked on finished edges.
 Martha is working hard in class.

This is Carol's bunny she made in my class.

I have started a new blog just for the hooking events I do in Arkansas so people can find the info they need better.I will make a link on the side of the blog so you can find it all the time.

Live Deeply,


WoolenSails said...

Wonderful class, I still need to practice with my needle felting. Have you felted with wool on wool? I saw it on tv and she used a machine and felted the wool first, then did the stitchery, liked the look. But, when I did it, it wouldn't take, even when I tried different wools?


coinguyslady said...

No, I have not tried that.I have felted roving on wool and that works great.