Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween.....

Happy Halloween to you....I hope you got lots of candy.I have to we had a great time tonight.Adam and went trick-or-treating with our grandson.Eureka Springs is a fun town for that because most everyone get in to it.

I know most of you Nanas out there will not agree with me but,I think this is the curtest boy this here earth.This is my grandson Ryan and tonight he was a cowboy or should I say a sheriff.and he dad dressed up as a jailbird.They were so cute.

Here Ryan and I stand under the giant spider and web that is downtown. He had to shoot the spider a few times before he would stand there with me.Even at that if you look at the picture big you will see he was not to happy about standing there.

Here is the whole gang ready to go trick-or-treating.

This is a shot of Amber as she is putting on her makeup.Are those beautiful eyes or what?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New look?????

I am trying a new look.Let me know what you think.I wish I knew more so I could get just what I wanted.

What a great day...

This past Saturday Adam and I when to the first ever Animal and Fiber Show in Fayetteville,Ar.I was in hog heaven, or should I say sheep heaven.There were hookers,spinners,weavers and knitters.

Here is my booth all set up.It was some much talking to all the people about my work with wool.

One sweet lady brought her giant bunny and she let me hold it.He was sooooo soft, I could have petted him all day.Not a good picture of me( I was out late the night before at the Mad Hatter Ball)

I wish I could remember names better.This lady started spinning so she could stop smoking and it worked.I cought her eatting here but if you look at her wheel,she is spinning silk.

Kathleen from the Rabbit's Lair was set up next to my with rug hooking wool.

Here are a few of the things that had been made by the ladies at the show.

I never did see who was working on this loom.I wish I could have packed in my jeep and brought it home with me.I really want to learn to spin and to weave.Maybe someday...
I learned so much about many kinds of sheep and bunnies and I think the ladies that put it on did a great job.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One more hat..

Doug Stowe from the Wisdom of the Hands blog has the hat he made for the Mad Hatter Ball on his blog.Remember all money raised goes to ESSA Eureka Springs School of the Arts.Be sure to go see Doug's blog and read what he has to say about our hands.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A night for art...Mad Hatter Ball

Victorian Ghost Bride

Victorian Ghost Bride and Lady in Bat Black.

Dana and me.

Pot Head and Joe the Plumber.

Here is Dana in her felted hat, Steve the beer mug and Secret Life of Flies.I wish I had got a closeup of her flies.

Dancing was all the of the picture and see the whole costume.

Because of the bat rug I made for this night and worked bats into my costume.The bad thing was you can't see them in any of the pictures.I made a bouquet of sticks and little bats.

And my hat had a bat too.

I was lucky to win the bid on a beautiful scarf made by Dana of Calico Cat Press

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Awards received and given

Two very sweet ladies have giving me a award and told me it is now my job to pass them on.

I feel very honored.The first one is from Ginger of Primitives by the light of the moon
Now I'm suppose to pass this award along to 6 others so here goes....
*Dana at Cabin Chronicles
*Kathryn at Primitive Woolen
*Sheri at Shabby Sheep
*PG at Middle of Nowhere
*Char at The Pickled Pepper Patch

The other is from Dana.Thank you very much you sweet thing.I am still very new to this whole blog thing and it feel good to know that I have friends out there.
Now each of you can pass it on to the sites you love.
*Tammy at Primitive Rug Hookers
*Tammy at Skip to my Ewe
*Rima at The Hermitage
*Kryna at Pohl Position

*Evonne at Outside of the Box
*Amber at Herrera Photography
*Lanette at Cottage on Clifford

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bat rug is done..and just in the nick of time

Dana,I am happy to report that the bat rug is done and off to the party.I did the binding at my doll club meeting and them came home to stem the edge.Next I put the bat wings on.That took a little thinking but,they worked out just as I planned.After looking at the rug all done I could not help but think that it needed something.It just did no Wow me like I was hoping for.One friend side maybe it needed a moon.After cutting a moon out and giving it some thought I know that was not what I was looking for.So off my studio/junk room.After a little looking around I was setting in the floor with boxes of beads.That was just what the Doc ordered.
After the beading was done I ran back to town and dropped the rug off to Eleanor Lux president of ESSA.

You may need the make the pictures bigger to see the beads.Now the rug has the spark that I was hoping for.

I did use the moon that I cut out on the back of the rug for my name and the date.

Now just remember,if you are anywhere close to Eureka Springs Friday Oct. 24 come join us at the Mad Hatter Ball and you can bid on my bat rug"Night Flight". All the money goes to ESSA Eureka Springs School of the Arts.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

All the hooking is done...

I got all the hooking and the stemming for the ESSA rug done late tonight.Still looks brighter in the pics.I will finish everything tomorrow.

here is a close up. You can see just a bit of the bat that is in the middle.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Rug coming right along...

This weekend I used the rug I am donating to ESSA for the Mad Hatter Ball as my demo piece.This is the third year I have been asked to make something for the Ball.The colors are much brighter in the pictures then what the rug really is.I have needle felted a bat and it will have leather wings.The back ground is hooked.
I looked for pics of the first piece I made for them but I can't found them.I forgot to get a picture last year and I sure would like one.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Last day of War Eagle Craft Fair and girls next door..

Today was the last day of the fair and it was another beauty.I don't think we have ever had good weather all 4 days of the fair.

Here you can see what it looks like from my booth on Sundays.My neighbors the Rozeboom move out on Saturday night so we can see the river.So to say the lest Sundays are not any good for sales.We people are walking down the row all they are looking at is the beautiful view and you can't blame them.

Just look at the view.Many people set and have their lunch there and watch the ducks.

I wanted to show you some of the wonderful dolls of the girls next door to me at this show(Sawdust Cabin).The first two are what I got from them this spring when I first meet them.They are made of sawdust clay.

This is a pincushion doll and she has red hair like me and is in green, my favorite color.She is all fabric and stuffed with sawdust.

Here you are looking at the biggest doll I have got from them.She is made of the sawdust clay.

Here is the back of her head. look at the red curls.

This is a black doll I got in the spring too. She is so ugly she is cute.Adam said only women think something can be so ugly it is cute and I said that men are very luck women feel that way or they would be in trouble.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday at War Eagle Craft Fair

Well,once again we had a beautiful day at War Eagle Craft Fair.I meet so many nice people at the show this year.

Two of the sweetest girls I have had the pleasure to get to know is Candace and Elisabeth Larson the Mother and daughter I told you about yesterday.They make the cutest dolls from sawdust clay and fabric dolls stuffed with sawdust.Hence, their name "The Sawdust Cabin"This is them above with Candace's hubby and Elisabeth's dad,but I I hate to say that I forgot his name.Sorry Mr.Larson.

As I am talking to people at the show I am demoing needle felting and rug hooking and the piece I am working on will be in the Art auction next Friday night at the Mad Hatter Ball in Eureka Springs Arkansas.All proceeds go to ESSA,Eureka Springs School of the Arts.
This pic looks a little weird,looks like big flowers in the background.Dana don't panic it is stars and I think it is going to look good when I am done and that will be on time.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Veiw from my tent and good neighbors..

I wanted to show you what it looked like from my tent at War Eagle Craft Show.I sit in a corner and to my right is a couple named Rozeboom.We have been neighbors here for 16 years.They make metal yard art.

To my left is a new Mother, Daughter team that are so sweet.I LOVE their dolls.I will tell you more later about them.

Sawdust Cabin is the name of their booth.

This shot is looking straight out my tent. We had a great crowd today.What a day.I talked to so many people.I know now that I have to start teaching rug hooking.The time has come to get off my Butt and get started.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Great Day at War Eagle Craft Fair

Today was a great day at the craft fair.The day started out cool but the sun came out and it was beautiful.Lots of people everywhere.I talked to so many people about rug hooking and needle felting.The one thing I did not do was take any pictures.I FORGOT! I will try to get some tomorrow.My daughter Amber did get some pics so maybe I get her to post them.
Dana from Cabin Chronicles also dropped by and I know she was taking pictures too.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

All setup....well almost....

I spent all day at War Eagle Craft Show today get my booth setup.The day started out warm,but as the day went on it started to rain and then it got cooler.

After Adam got off work he came over to "help", he did bring me a coat so that did help me a lot.In this pic Adam is setting in front of the rug patterns I have for sale.

Here is a long shot of my booth.It was starting to get dark so it is a little hard to see.

One of the things I have been making for years is Beaver Wood Santa's,Hill Billy's,Witches and Gnomes.Above are some Santa's and below are Gnomes.

The tent is up...

Monday after work Adam and I went to War Eagle Mill to setup my tent for the big craft show that starts Thursday.

This is a shot of my spot before we put up the tent.That is the War Eagle River in the background.

Here I am looking strait into my booth space.War Eagle Mill is in the background.

Now you can see my tent up.Today I will take the rest of my stuff over and setup everything.Display is something I need to learn more about.I know it is everything when you are doing a show like this.