Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bat rug is done..and just in the nick of time

Dana,I am happy to report that the bat rug is done and off to the party.I did the binding at my doll club meeting and them came home to stem the edge.Next I put the bat wings on.That took a little thinking but,they worked out just as I planned.After looking at the rug all done I could not help but think that it needed something.It just did no Wow me like I was hoping for.One friend side maybe it needed a moon.After cutting a moon out and giving it some thought I know that was not what I was looking for.So off my studio/junk room.After a little looking around I was setting in the floor with boxes of beads.That was just what the Doc ordered.
After the beading was done I ran back to town and dropped the rug off to Eleanor Lux president of ESSA.

You may need the make the pictures bigger to see the beads.Now the rug has the spark that I was hoping for.

I did use the moon that I cut out on the back of the rug for my name and the date.

Now just remember,if you are anywhere close to Eureka Springs Friday Oct. 24 come join us at the Mad Hatter Ball and you can bid on my bat rug"Night Flight". All the money goes to ESSA Eureka Springs School of the Arts.


Dana Jones said...

He's gorgeous! Thank you so much Vickie!
See you Friday. Are you wearing a costume this year?

love, dana

coinguyslady said...

Thanks, I'm glad you like him.I am working on a costume and of course a hat.

Thistle House Primitives said...

Looks good Vicki!! I am sure the "bling" you added is fantastic!! Have fun at the Ball!! Hope to see some hat photos :-)