Monday, October 6, 2008

A night on the lake.

Friday night Adam and I were invited to go for a boat ride and dinner with one of the guys we work with and his wife.Even thought Adam and I live on Beaver Lake, we have been on it by boat very few times.When we got done with work we all went down to the boat dock that we have right there at work.Yes, you can come by boat to visit the cave.It was Dan and Michelle,Dennis and Vicki (owners of the cave) and Adam and I.

This is Dan driving the boat Vicki in back and Michelle (who turned just as I snapped this pic.

Adam sure know how to kickback.

Here is a view of the lake as we got into the bigger part of the like.The cave is at the back of Devil's Gap.

Just after we eat we watched the sun set.What a site it was too.The only bad thing about the trip was that I was sick.I had started with a bad cold that day so I was cold and felt like crap the whole time.Dan said we could do it again when I feel better so I can enjoy it more.
I have been sick all weekend and today too.Not sure what more I can do to make this cold go away.I HATE TO BE SICK....


Dana Jones said...

some chicken soup and y should fix you up!

Hope you feel better soon. So, I won't brag about where I was yesterday until you feel better!

love, Dana

Dana Jones said...

that is supposed to say hot toddy, I guess my fingers are too fast for the internet connection

coinguyslady said...

I am feeling much better today.Now start talking, where have you been?Write it in you blog for everyone and I will come there it read.