Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New look?????

I am trying a new look.Let me know what you think.I wish I knew more so I could get just what I wanted.


katie said...

Vickie, I like the new look. I like the checkered borders and the flowers and the zig zag stitching. I can't find anything like it or near at typepad. Therefore I am changing over when my year is up. Can you believe I paid to have a blog on typepad. My neice says blogspot is FREE. Live and learn.


Dana Jones said...

I like it and you're gonna have to teach me. I've been too nervous to try it!

I've been anti-blog lately. Just not much to talk about I guess. actually I also think I spend too much time doing it. I know, ** GASP**

coinguyslady said...

well last night I was doing a little onmy blog and I dumped my new background.Went looking for where I got it and had no luck.So here is a new one.