Monday, October 20, 2008

Rug coming right along...

This weekend I used the rug I am donating to ESSA for the Mad Hatter Ball as my demo piece.This is the third year I have been asked to make something for the Ball.The colors are much brighter in the pictures then what the rug really is.I have needle felted a bat and it will have leather wings.The back ground is hooked.
I looked for pics of the first piece I made for them but I can't found them.I forgot to get a picture last year and I sure would like one.


JoJo said...

Vicki, this rug is beautiful. I love blues and this rug jumped right out of your blog and into my lap. And your hooking is so darn neat and even! However do you do it?

Kryna said...

Very pretty, and I love the colors.
Good to see you in the blog world!

Tammy said...

lovely rug can't wait to see it finished.

email me please


nyafarmgirl said...

What a beautiful rug! I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of it finished. Stop over at my blog when you get a little time I have an award for you!

Dana Jones said...

Vicki, the rug is turning out great! I am curious to see the bat with wings. You have something cool up your sleeves for them I am sure.

The plan is the art work is going to be picked up from the school today and eleanor will be the point person for any more donations. Thank you so much for your kind gift to ESSA.

I'll be there Friday just in time to hand out tickets, Oh! Tickets! I better call Sabina today! Yours will be at the will call table with your name.

Love you, Dana

coinguyslady said...

Jojo, do you have a blog?