Wednesday, July 30, 2008

First Doll in Round Robin

This is Plain Jane.She was started by Jeanne from Eugene, Oregon.

Plain Jane is an alien visiting earth for a vacation. She's very excited to meet all kinds of earthlings and see what they do. She's blue, compliments of Jeanne's hubby who said she should be that color. :) Right now she's really into her BEEEEEEutiful eyelashes. Her lashes have little blue gems on them.Cute!

Plain Jane landed at at Hogscald Hollow Friday and had to go right out on the porch and look at the lake.As you will see in the coming days, I will be showing her around.

I have to decide what I would like to do to her.Jeanne thinks Jane would like bat wings.I keep thinking that if I was new to this world I would start looking for bigger bags so I could take things home with me.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Round Robin Dolls

I would like you to meet Lakeloon the Shylock.He was born in a studio of ESSA(Eureka Springs School of the Arts) as I taught a class on needle felting.As he came to life I new he wanted to do more with his self.When I brought Lakeloon home to the lake,I could feel the relief in him.He was home.For a year now he has run the woods around Beaver Lake.Collecting driftwood and bones,exploring caves and playing tricks on people(and the birds) are some of his favorite things to do.Picking on the hummingbirds is one thing I can't seem to brake him of.He likes to climb on the feeders and try to catch them. He also loves catching bugs and putting them in my bed.He has asked for a collecting bag to pull all his treasures in. And he wants a walking stick to beat the grass looking for frogs to ride(or maybe a snake.)

Now Lakeloon is off to Donnely in Oh.for a round robin doll swap.Every 7 weeks our dolls will move to the next Doll artist to have some work done.We each get to add something to the doll that comes to us.In all I will work on 8 dolls.

Veiw of Lake

As I wake up in the morning I always walk out on our porch and look at the lake.The heat is causing a haze the come off the water.I love where we live and I hope we never have to move.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Amber's Birthday

26 years ago today I was working on some outfits I was making for a pregnant lady for her vacation.My Mom and my Mother-in-law was setting there,watching every move I made.The day before I had some false labor, now these to women would not let me out of their sight.Later in the day my Mom looked at me and said,"Now we are getting down to business."
By 3:00 we where headed to the hospital and by 8:00 we had a beautiful baby girl.Amber Leann is what we named her and she was as redheaded as me.I could not beleave that I had made something so beautiful, well there was a little help from Adam.(She looks more like him now then she does me).

Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Great Big Howdy!!!

Howdy! to all you in the blogging world. We are Adam and Vicki Hardcastle.We live in Hogscald Hollow, that is just outside Eureka Springs Arkansas.We work at War Eagle Cavern on Beaver Lake.Adam is a true caveman and I work in the giftshop.When we are not working Adam is playing Bluegrass music and I am making art.We also spend time with our grandson every chance we can.
In this blog Adam will be telling you about his music and I will be talking about fiber art.Rug hooking and needle felting are just to of the thing I love to do.