Wednesday, July 30, 2008

First Doll in Round Robin

This is Plain Jane.She was started by Jeanne from Eugene, Oregon.

Plain Jane is an alien visiting earth for a vacation. She's very excited to meet all kinds of earthlings and see what they do. She's blue, compliments of Jeanne's hubby who said she should be that color. :) Right now she's really into her BEEEEEEutiful eyelashes. Her lashes have little blue gems on them.Cute!

Plain Jane landed at at Hogscald Hollow Friday and had to go right out on the porch and look at the lake.As you will see in the coming days, I will be showing her around.

I have to decide what I would like to do to her.Jeanne thinks Jane would like bat wings.I keep thinking that if I was new to this world I would start looking for bigger bags so I could take things home with me.

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