Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Round Robin Dolls

I would like you to meet Lakeloon the Shylock.He was born in a studio of ESSA(Eureka Springs School of the Arts) as I taught a class on needle felting.As he came to life I new he wanted to do more with his self.When I brought Lakeloon home to the lake,I could feel the relief in him.He was home.For a year now he has run the woods around Beaver Lake.Collecting driftwood and bones,exploring caves and playing tricks on people(and the birds) are some of his favorite things to do.Picking on the hummingbirds is one thing I can't seem to brake him of.He likes to climb on the feeders and try to catch them. He also loves catching bugs and putting them in my bed.He has asked for a collecting bag to pull all his treasures in. And he wants a walking stick to beat the grass looking for frogs to ride(or maybe a snake.)

Now Lakeloon is off to Donnely in Oh.for a round robin doll swap.Every 7 weeks our dolls will move to the next Doll artist to have some work done.We each get to add something to the doll that comes to us.In all I will work on 8 dolls.

1 comment:

BlueRose Dragon said...

What a beautiful couple! I love caves myself. fiber arts, lakes, water...

Lakeloon has made himself right at home. He is a little tired, stayed up late. I think trying to tame the wild chickens did him in.

He has been a joy to have here at the house!