Wednesday, February 27, 2013

2013 Rock Creek Hook-In.....

 Well! Even with all the snow that KC got, the Rock Creek Hook-In still when on.The only trouble Adam and I with the roads was right in front of the hotel.Here you see Adam manning the booth as took pictures and talk to some of the ladies.

The shoppers did make it there.

 Now for rugs......

This was a cute rug, it has little wire springs on it.

Many beautiful rugs.

I love this rug. Lots going on but it works.

More of the shoppers.

We had some happy hookers.

This is what it looked like when we got there.

This was a cute rug of a child's art work. 

I will post more pictures soon.

Live Deeply

Friday, February 15, 2013

Class Info Going Up....

I have started posting info on the classes that will be June 7,2013 as part of the NWA Hook-In and Rug Show. The classes are the day before the Hook-in and we have a great list of classes for you the year.
just head over to Arkansas Rug Hooking Blog and give the list so far.You can click the link to the right to see. I will have the other info up soon.

Live Deeply,

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Old Time Rug Hooking Retreat....

The 2nd week retreat hosted by Pam Skinner was held in Eureka Springs,Ar in Jan.
the new group of hookers moved in on Saturday.

Had a great group of ladies and I love meeting new hookers.

Aileen Anderson with "Bear Creek Rugs" was one of the vender.

Everyone was very happy to be there.

Here you see the venders that were there.

I think this rug was finished at the retreat.

There was some great rugs at the show.

Finished at retreat.

I love them all!

This too was finished there.

This rug was started by an fine hooker from up north.She died and her family gave it to Ella and she asked my to finish it.It will go to a good home.

Very cute.

This rug was finished there too.

This rug was being worked on by a very sweet lady that I meet for the first time.

Tuesday was a open day for people to come look at the rugs.Here are some local ladies that stopped by.One of them is a hooker and I think the others want to learn. 

Thank you Pam for all your hard work, you did great.

Live Deeply and go play with some wool.