Saturday, February 9, 2013

Rug Hooking Retreat in Eureka Springs,Ar.

Rug hookers hit Eureka Springs in Jan. for a retreat put on by Laura Moore.
I was not part of the retreat but I had to stop by and see everyone.As you can see hooking is not the only thing that goes on at this event. Lots and lots of talking happens too.

Tuesday is always a open day that anyone can come and hook.There is a rug show too.

Lots of fun rugs!

This rug is turning out so cute.
A hard working girl.
I  am not sure who brought this wine, but you got to love the label.

Bev and Sue having a good talk.
Janice is thinking very hard about something.
Love the sunset.
Look at all the stuff a hooker brings with her.
Love,Love,Love both of these.
Linda, hard at work.
Makes me want to go to Turkey Hill.
This rug is so fun!
One more great rug.

   I think all the ladies had a great time and I would like to say" thank you" to Laura for letting me pop in and out.

More to come as this year there was two retreats. I was part of number two retreat so I can tell you more about it.

Info is going out about the NWA Hook-In and Rug Show. If you have not got a e-mail please send me your e-mail address because I am having some of the e-mails come back as bad.

Live Deeply and Hook on,

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Three Sheep Studio said...

Beautiful Rugs.
What talent !
Thanks for sharing the pictures.