Monday, April 5, 2010

Last of the Rugs from Eureka Springs Rug Camp.....

Bonnie here got a lot of hooking done at camp.
This is not a good pic of Anita but somehow it is the only one I have.
I sorry to be late getting the rest of the pictures of camp up.I have started a new job that I will tell you about soon.
Here is Pam and her rug.
Laura went home before I got a picture of her rug on the last day, but here she is working hard.
Here is Ella working hard on her rug.
Wilma did all this in a #3 cut.
Betty is a speedy hooker.
I loved the background color of Lyn's rug.
I was so happy to meet Sammy at War Eagle this last fall and now here she is at camp.
Here is Joan and her rug.

I hope I will get to see all these rugs when they are done.We had a great bunch of ladies for the spring camp.

Live Deeply,