Thursday, October 23, 2008

Awards received and given

Two very sweet ladies have giving me a award and told me it is now my job to pass them on.

I feel very honored.The first one is from Ginger of Primitives by the light of the moon
Now I'm suppose to pass this award along to 6 others so here goes....
*Dana at Cabin Chronicles
*Kathryn at Primitive Woolen
*Sheri at Shabby Sheep
*PG at Middle of Nowhere
*Char at The Pickled Pepper Patch

The other is from Dana.Thank you very much you sweet thing.I am still very new to this whole blog thing and it feel good to know that I have friends out there.
Now each of you can pass it on to the sites you love.
*Tammy at Primitive Rug Hookers
*Tammy at Skip to my Ewe
*Rima at The Hermitage
*Kryna at Pohl Position

*Evonne at Outside of the Box
*Amber at Herrera Photography
*Lanette at Cottage on Clifford


Dana Jones said...

thank you vicki! I have posted and hopefully fulfill the fall decor requirements.

I'm probably going to wait till next week to pass on as I need to spend some time thinking of who!

you're a sweetie. See you tonight!
love, dana

katie said...

vickie thank you so much for the award. I got so excited I think I forgot to say thank you.


Tammy said...

Vicki that is so wonderful of you...sorry it has taken so long to get here been out of touch for a few days!