Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday at War Eagle Craft Fair

Well,once again we had a beautiful day at War Eagle Craft Fair.I meet so many nice people at the show this year.

Two of the sweetest girls I have had the pleasure to get to know is Candace and Elisabeth Larson the Mother and daughter I told you about yesterday.They make the cutest dolls from sawdust clay and fabric dolls stuffed with sawdust.Hence, their name "The Sawdust Cabin"This is them above with Candace's hubby and Elisabeth's dad,but I I hate to say that I forgot his name.Sorry Mr.Larson.

As I am talking to people at the show I am demoing needle felting and rug hooking and the piece I am working on will be in the Art auction next Friday night at the Mad Hatter Ball in Eureka Springs Arkansas.All proceeds go to ESSA,Eureka Springs School of the Arts.
This pic looks a little weird,looks like big flowers in the background.Dana don't panic it is stars and I think it is going to look good when I am done and that will be on time.


Dana Jones said...

Oh I am not worried at all, I know it will be fabulous as all your creations are.

Thistle House Primitives said...

Hope you will show us the finished project and of course your hat for the ball!!

coinguyslady said...

Dana, I'm glad you are not worryed.

Terri, I will show it when I am finished.