Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Need A Help....Please...

Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Show so over, this is my booth all packed up.Doesn't look like much like this.As much as I love fiber shows,I am not sure this is my market.I meet some great people but  the show did not pay for itself.I don't know if I had kits for needle felting and rug hooking, it may have helped.Seemed that most of the money being spent was spent on supplies and not the "folk art" part of the show.How do you pick shows to do?How do you know what show is the best for your art?How do you sale "your" art to the people at a show? I am not a good salesperson at all. I tend to take the low presser style "Hello. if you have any questions please let me know".So as you can see, I am questioning if I am doing the right thing by doing shows at all. 

This week I have been hooking.I just finished the hooking on this rug.May need to change one of the flowers on the side.This is the rug I did in Anita White's class at Eureka Springs Rug Hooking Camp.

I really like how the jar turned out.

Now I am trying to decide which beads to use for the little stem flowers.

This is where I need help,which beads do you like?

Live Deeply.  Vicki


Jasminmoon said...

I like the blue and green as they will pop more with the jar colors....Love the rug! Mine is done, and SOOOOOOO different looking! Will have to get it photographed and send you a picture! Is Jody's finished?

WoolenSails said...

I am the worst salesperson for myself, but I am good at selling other's items, lol. I doubt I would do a show, seems too much to get so much together by a certain date. I would think a show like yours would do well in an area where the tourists come who want finished items from a local artist.

Love your rug, it is beautiful and I like how the bottle came out.


Anonymous said...

I love your jar! And the beads on the flowers. This is going to be one pretty rug.

katie said...

Vick, I love the rug you are working one. The Ball jar is perfect.

coinguyslady said...

Jasminmoon,thanks for your help.Please do seen a picture of your rug so I can post it.I don't think Jody is done with hers yet.

Debbie, thanks for the kind words. I to can sell other people's stuff, just not mine. Maybe I should say my hubby made them.hehe

coinguyslady said...

Thanks for you sweet words.

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Wonderful rug you did a beautiful job on hooking it.
Seems like I'm terrible at selling...although I do enjoy the shows. It does look as though kits and supplies do better but then again you just never know.

appleberrycottage said...

I think that at this show, it's mainly crafters/artists that attend. So, they are looking for supplies/patterns. For finished pieces, there are other craft/art shows. One is the Folk Art Fest at the Kane County Fairgrounds. I haven't attended that one in a while, but it was nice. All colonial and folk art. Another one is at the Arlington Park Race Track in Arlington Heights. Try selling patterns on a selling blog/website. You could even sell kits. I'm just starting this art form and it's not easy to find in stores.