Monday, September 5, 2011

I Am Still Alive and Back to Work....

 Sorry I have been away for so long.I have been suffering with something that I don't know how to describe.The last two months I have not been able to do anything but set on my butt and flip through the TV channels.I could not hook,I could not felt and at times I did not feel like moving.At first I thought it was the birthday that was coming up, the big "50". Well, it came and went and that was not it.Nope! I am OK with turning 50. Two weeks later I was talking to my daughter and I realized what my problem was, I need to be outside more. When I am in Springfield I have to go down three sets of stairs and out a locked door and then I am on a parking lot.I am a country girl and I need fresh air and sunshine.So I am over this feeling down,I am moving on.

 Now to what I have been doing.Two weeks ago I went to Bishop Hill, Il. for their "Clay and Fiber Show." Here are some pictures from the show.It was a very fun two days.The pictures above are of a lady (sorry I can't remember her name) doing bobbin lace.

 There were lots of potters.
 And some beautiful pottery.
 There was some wood turning going on.
 There was some spinning going on but I did not get a picture of the spinners, but this wheel was in the shop and I think it is beautiful.
 There was broom making too.
 Here is Frank taking a brake from broom making.
 This is a wood burning oven that they were backing bread and pizza in.It was yum.
 This weekend Adam and i went to a ice cream social at the Marbold Farmstead.It was a  beautiful day to be outside.

 I demoed needle felting there.

And Adam just sat there and looked cute.

Live Deeply,


WoolenSails said...

Wonderful show and displays, great way to spend the day. I know I need air too, I always feel better when I get out. I have been going up and down and more downs lately and now I am on lyme treatment, so hopefully that will get rid of the lyme and I can feel myself again.


Joanne said...

Wow you sure get out when you get out - everything you did looks like a great time! I'm with you - I've been in that mode of doing absolutely nothing almost all year with a few bursts of creativity here and there (Hmmm I turned 50 this year too - do you think it's that - LOL - Nah couldn't be!)

coinguyslady said...

I think this years heat may have something to do with it too.It is hard to go outside when your brain starts frying as soon as you go out.

Nettie said...

Vicki~ you posted some great pictures.... Looks like everyone had a great time at the Clay and Fiber Show.... So glad you decided to get out and get some fresh air. I know how easy it is to come depressed at the least little thing... But I am really trying to think positive because I also have a birthday this month and 62 is an official senior citizen... So do not let it get you down. I am so thankful I am here... And when I wake up in the morning. I thank God for giving me another day...
Take care ,

Alpacas of Indian Point Hills said...

I see you got a good picture of my alpacas! Thanks for posting! Great chatting with you at the Marbold House. Hope to see you again.

take care,