Saturday, June 9, 2012

Classes at 2012 NWA Hook-in.....

Friday we had four classes to kick off the NWA Hook-in for 2012. Seen here is Traci Wright, my baby sister taking the "Needle Felting on a rug"class taught by me.
 Itinia getting started on her felted bunny.
Here Leslie is working on a tail for her felted horse.
Linda may have got  to class late but she made up for it by working very fast to catch up.

Itinia was so funny, I gave her very sharp needle and then I was afraid for you fingers many times as she was felting.
This is Victoria Hart Ingalls class.I have one thing to say about Victoria " I love this lady!" She is a great teacher and I know everyone in her class had a great time.
Oh, Lynn, I know you are going to kill me for this picture. hehe ....
This is what the class was working on.Very cute. I got myself a kit too so I plan to make it soon.
Here you can see Janice and part of her class.Some how I did not get a picture of the pattern or the colors they used for this rug. But I can tell you "Beautiful".
Bonnie and Elinor are hard at work in Janice's class.
Here is Janet.
JoLynn,Rita and Marcia with Janice.
Aileen Anderson's class worked of backgrounds. Carol,Gwen and Susan had a full day on hooking.

Aileen cutting a little wool.
Mindy working in Janice's class.
Victoria's class.
Aileen's Class.
Itinia's felted bunny.
Leslie's felted horse.
Traci's felted owls. Traci does not hook so she did her felting on a piece of wool.
Linda and her bunny.

I really think we had great classes this year and a BIG thank you to each of the teachers.If you have a ideal for a fun class for next year please let me know.

More to come of a bit day hooking.

Live Deeply and make your plans now for next years Hook-in June 8, 2013.


WoolenSails said...

I didn't know you could needle felt on a rug, very neat and fun work that the girls did. I have lots of supplies, just need to sit down and practice, would like to try some little animals.


coinguyslady said...

Debbie, it is a way to add something fun to your rug.