Sunday, September 28, 2008

This Weekend at Hogscald Hollow

I spend this weekend working the the yard.Our yard is almost 2 acres and has been very wild and overgrown for as long as we have had this house.The time has come and a little help so....things are getting done.Here I am taking the grand babies big toys around to the back yard.Adam got a good laugh at this one.I love my little trailer.Last week you would not been able to see me through here.
When I would come up for a rest I also worked on so cinnamon sticks Santas.I painted 185 of them.

Then I bundled then up and tied them with a wool bow.I am getting for the big craft show I do every year.War Eagle has been going for 51 years and I have been doing it here 14 of those years.People come from all over for this show.It is the 3rd weekend of Oct.

Now for a little input from Adam.He took this pic of a plant he is growing.It just started blooming and he wanted the play guess the flower with you.So....take a Guess?I will send a little gift to the first person that gets it right.
Live deeply,Vicki


Dana Jones said...

Looks like you have a red caboose on your train!

Santa Sticks are cute Vicki.

I am going to guess the flower is a variety of a rhododendron

Sheri said...

Vicki, Love the cinnamon Santas!!! I think you've stumped me on the flower though...(I thought I was plant smart) I guess nicotiana or bromeliad.

coinguyslady said...

Thanks girls.Dana, I had not thought of a red caboose(thats cute)

Not right on the flower yet.

Dana Jones said...

Is it a pink trumpet vine?

did you get my email? about MHB?

coinguyslady said...

No and yes.Working on it now.But,I may be one of the late ones.War Eagle Fair is the 16-19.But I will get it done.Just like a artist!

nyafarmgirl said...

Good luck to you on your big craft show. I have friends from Oklahoma that attend...Wish I could go maybe next year!

Dana Jones said...

Hey I just gave Bobbie my list, I put you down as committed but undecided as to what.

I also said I know it will be something wonderful!
But no pressure or anything.

Is it Witch Hazel? Just a guess out of the blue.

coinguyslady said...

No, not Witch Hazel.

Dana Jones said...

I'm stumped, but I'm going to send someone over to tell us what it is.

flowerweaver said...

Looks like a Four-o-clock to me. Mine are blooming now.
(Dana's blog pal)

coinguyslady said...

Thanks for stopping by.I have been on your blog before.
No,it is not a four-a-clock.

Tammy said...

Those are cute that reminds me of something I wanted to do a while ago...putting it on the mile long to do list!
Thanks for help remembering!