Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Past Needle Felting

Here are a few pictures of some of the needle felting I have done in the past.Someone I know (no names given)keeps telling me I need to talk more about my art.I have a hard time talking about myself when it comes to something close to my heart.And my art is at the top of that list just behind my God and my family.So I am going to try harder.
Not a good picture of this little dog, but I get more laughs over this piece.I made him as practise for the dog below.Every picture I got of that dog she had her tongue out and her teeth were showing.
Here is the "Fairy Godmother" that I felted for a swap on Wild Art Dolls.She was very sassy.

This is "Rock and Roll", I was commissioned to felt these two sweeties for a lady that I now think of as a friend.Just above is the dog of her daughter that she ask me the felt after I had done her two.She sent me pictures of the dogs for me to work from.
Live Deeper,Vicki


acornmoon said...

Oh, those little dogs are just like my Ted! How lovely, you have captured their character as well as their appearance, well done!

Dana Jones said...

Yep, they are cute as can be. I love the way you did the teeth!

Fairy Godmather looks a bit like you! And I'v enoticed that other doll you are working on kind of does too, the one with the striped leggings. I hope to see her finished soon!

Love, Dana

coinguyslady said...

Thank's to both of you.The needle felting is so much fun to do and you can do so much with it.