Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More Work Pictures

I work at a beautiful little place called War Eagle Cavern.We are only 15 miles from the city of Rogers Arkansas but when visors pull in the tree covered drive they feel like they have come into the country.Walking the paths to and from the cavern are a nature lovers dream.
As you walk around the grounds ,if you look close you can see all kinds of little crawly things.

Don't worry, he is only about 4 ins. long. I have seen him every two day for a week.Ring neck snake.

I thought this was a cool shot.Sometimes you have to look up.This week we are stating to see some color in the trees.

And of course here are some more mushrooms.I found them down by the mouth of the cavern on a old tree stump.

This is a side view.I love just walking through the woods to see what I can find.The cavers motto is "take only pictures live only footprints".
I hope you don't mind me adding nature pictures with my art pictures.
Live Deeply,Vicki


Dana Jones said...

I like your nature pics, but that snake gives me the willy's. I wouldn't be surprised if you pick him up and give him a kiss!

coinguyslady said...

I couldn't hold him and get a picture of his whole body.And as for kisses,Adam pouts when I kiss the crawlies.I thinks I am looking for a prince charming.

Dana Jones said...

Maybe he's right!

Anonymous said...

Fibers and caves- what I delightful combination!

I used to cave (both wild and commercial)when I was about 18, and when I lived in SW MO. Miss the bat guano and carbide lights. LOL!

coinguyslady said...

There are a lot of caves in Mo. Hubby and I are making our way through all of them.I have done a little wild caving,we went 4 miles back in our cave 2 years ago.