Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Brown Bag Doll Swap

The Shady Ladies and One Shady Fellow doll club has been working on a brown bag doll for the last 6 months. Four of the ladies and Paul joined in the fun of working on the dolls. On this doll I made to head,hair and hat.
How it starts is each person puts 15 things in a brown paper bag, 5 of which have to be fabric.Then we bring our bags to the Feb. meeting and as each person leaves at the end of the meeting they pick up a bag other then their own.We have till the next meeting to make a part of the doll.

It is the doll that resulted from the things in my bag.The fabric is some we hand dyed last summer.There was some eyelash yarn that was knitted into sleeves.I love the vial she is has.I did not work on this doll because she was mine.

Jody started her bag with the hopes of getting a Santa.All the fabric looked like Santa fabric and I got her bag first,so I made the head to look like Santa.I really thought that with the head I made there could be no doubt that he was to be a Santa.But as you see he did not want to e Santa he wanted to be a Scotsman, bagpipe and all. He really is very cute.

This doll turned out great.She is quite the rocker.I made her body.

This doll started out with the bead face in the bag.When I got her she had just a body so I made her arms.It's always a surprise what the dolls look like at the end of 6 months.Last Wednesday was our luncheon at the "Crumpet Tea Room" in Rogers. That is where we reveal all the dolls.

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