Friday, September 5, 2008

Sisters for Sale!

I don't think I would get any takers on this day.Not her best day. This is my sister Karri.She is 2 years younger then me but in this pic she looks much older.When we where teens people always thought she was the older sister, and she love it then.But, now she does not like it at all.This pic was taken just before her surgery.
By-the-way, everything went good with her surgery and she is now home.
This good looking man is my daddy, Joe.Bless his heart, he raised 3 girls and lived to tell about it.I have been at him for a long time to move to Arkansas with me.I would love to have him close to me,I miss him very much.

This beauty is my baby sister,Traci.She has darker red hair than I do and it was very curly when she was little.She is 13 years younger than me.We have art in common.We both love making things.
Our Mom died in 1992 so it has just been Dad and his girls.I am the oldest and yes I do try to mother the others some.Notice the I's...Vicki,Karri,Traci.
Live Deeply!

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