Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gifts Given and Gifts Receved...

Recently I was given a gift that made my day,no! week,no! month.Dana from "Cat in my Lap" made what she called her art purge.She cleaned out her studio and had some things that she just hated to throw away.So she gifted it to other people.I put my name on the list and was hoping for one of her beautiful handmade books.What I got almost made me cry.Not only did I get one of her books but I got two.Yes, two,one big book and one little book.She also sent me 6 of her handmade cards and a bookmark.And the greatest was the hand painted silk scarf.I will be her trash can anytime.
Dana and I meet at ESSA a few years back when she took a needle felting class I was teaching and I am so blessed to have her as a friend now.
Here is a better view of the silk scarf.

Now for the giving part.This last summer I started this rug for a class I was going to teach.I had no plans for it other than a teaching tool.Then came the news that a young man from our church was getting married "at last". Adam and I had become very fond of this young man and I wanted something special for him and his bride.So I got busy and finished this rug for them.

Here you see them after they opened the gift and as you can see they are giving it a good look.She had never seen a hooked rug and now she wants to learn.I never got to teach the class I made this rug for because the class did not make, but now I will be teaching it to Carrie.
I also use one of the cards that Dana gave my for this gift and they loved the card and could not believe it was handmade.
Live Deeply and give a gift today.


Dana and Daisy said...

that scarf looked great on you today! Just your colors! I'm so glad you liked it and I like your avatar!

I had fun with you today. I hope you got home before the family went out looking for you!
Love, Dana

exotic world gifts said...

I love the scarf you wore. It looked great on you.