Thursday, February 5, 2009

Beuaty and Destruction....

I don't know how something so beautiful can cause so much destruction.Most of the ice is gone and we got power back yesterday after 8 days without.We still do not have water.

As I look back at some the pictures I took,I see such beauty in some and such destruction in others.Will things ever be right again.Will the trees live through all the hardship they have been through.

If you could see close you would see the buds just waiting to open with just a little touch from the sun.

I took this after I got off the roof helping Adam. I can say that I do not like getting on and off ladders.We where luck in that we had no holes in the roof.Not everyone was that lucky.

Just a few more pictures of the destruction......

We will be a long time cleaning up the yard after this but I can say I have been getting some hooking done by camp light and the quite was very nice.
Live Deeply and enjoy a hot bath for me.


Dana and Daisy said...

Hi Vicki! I am so glad you got your power back! I can say from what we've seen a year later in Tulsa ,that the trees do a remarkable job of adjusting and yes, your beautiful world will be beautiful again!

I love you! Give Adam a big hug from me!

Thistle House Primitives said...

Good news for you to have your power back! My Mom lives in Tulsa and went through a bad ice storm. She lost some trees, but overall the vegetation made a strong comeback!
Take care,

Sheri said...

Vicki, glad you have your electricity back. In 2007 we went for 13 days without it because of ice. Finally had to bail and go to a motel. We lost most of our trees but looks like yours are bent but still in one piece. They will recover. We had a river birch that was bent over and "iced" to the ground and it' doing great today. Good luck. And don't work too hard.