Friday, February 6, 2009

What I have been doing with myself...

As I sat for 8 days with no power I worked on this rug.In the day I sat in a sun lit window and at night it was a camp light that helped light my hooking.The ladies are needle felted with the hats and background all hooked. I still have alot of work on them.Like this one's eyes are a little off and none of them have eyebrows.
I am going to put something on each hat too.And maybe eyelashs.

I have to get this rug done because the next one is bouncing around in my head and wants out very badly.There is just not enough time to get all the things I want to make done.If anyone out there has all the money they need and would like to help a starving artist/hooker spend her time make wool into art,you can look me up.Well, after one look at my butt I must not be starving.Oh well, you can't blame a girl for trying.
Ok now...Live Deeply and enjoy your lights.


TamboinMO said...

I love the blonde hair!!! AND, the one in the middle MUST be you with that fabulous red hair....the needle felting is incredible!!!!
You are so inspiring!

Dana and Daisy said...

hey, that cutie pie in the red hat looks oddly familiar! hee hee.

well, we played lumber jack all weekend. Steve sprained an ankle the last two hours we were there.

Even though it seemed we were spared the worst, there is plenty of clean up to do. Down in your area looks really bad. we drove home on 23 and were just shocked at the destruction along the highway. will it ever be the same again?

Love you Vicki!

Gayle said...

Totally awesome rug! I can't wait to see it finished with the embellishments you have planned for it!