Friday, February 13, 2009

Day of hooking with grandson...

My grandson Ryan is staying the weekend with us and he and I got some hooking done today.When he was little he would sit in my lap (in my frame) and use my hook to poke the backing and he would tell everyone he was hooking.He would make a hole with the hook and then rub the hole till was gone. He is getting so big now that he can't sit on my lap and me hold the frame too.So now he has to sit beside me to hook.Now he likes to play with the strips too.As you see here he may be a lefty.I believe in letting children try their hands at art.If it is paint,markers,yarn, wool or any other medium let them use their hands.
When my studio is done he and any other grandkids I have will a place just for them to make art.

He loves hooking almost as much as he loves having his picture taken.Some of you may have noticed that I have changed this rug some.The middle lady has a different hat on now.I just could not get the other one to work out like I wanted.

Here are two pictures of me hooking taken by Ryan.He love taking pictures too.For those that don't know Ryan is 3 years old.Later today we went to clean trees out of the driveway of the place Adam and I work.Ryan had a great time throwing sticks and helping Nana pushing trees around.

Live Deeply and kiss your kids or grandkids.


Dana and Daisy said...

Hi Vicki! Ryan is getting all grown up! He has lost that toddler look about him!

I know I have always enjoyed my niece and nephew making things with me and they enjoy having the creative freedom and encouragement I give them without any pressure to succeed. Every thing they make is pure beauty to me and they love that space to experiment.

Love you and give Adam a big ole wet smackaroo today! Dana

Ginger said...

We're having grandkids for a sleep-over tonight, too. Maybe I'll have to let them do some hooking. The last time they spent the night, we did a little bit of proddy and dyed some wool, using the "dirty" salt that I use to clean my dye spoons. The dyed wool turned out really pretty.

Evonne and Gerrit said...

Oh what a lucky Grandma you are. He is a real cutie.