Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy 200th Mr. Lincoln

Today on Gene Shepherd's blog there is a incredible rug that you have to go see.Here is a picture of the whole thing,but you have to go look at the closeup picture of it.I just sat looking at it repeating "dang he's good".My hubby walked in and wanted to know who was good and I showed him the pics and he said "cool water mark".I have to say that I did not know what the image in the background was called.
As I was reading the info to hubby I discovered that Gene had not hooked this rug but a lady by the name Ivi Collier had.She tells why she picked the colors she used and other things about this rug on Gene's blog so go to it RIGHT NOW and read.
Great job Ivi! I love your rug.
Live Deeply and think about Mr. Lincoln today.

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Dana and Daisy said...

hey vicki. I appreciate your words of kindness about my aunt and uncle today. Love, Dana