Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rock Creek Hook-in 2009 Lenexa,Kansas

I just got home from Lenexa and I wanted to post some pictures tonight.I am have a hard timing this so here are a few and I will be back tomorrow and post some more.Jody and I had a great time and it was seeing faces I knew and meeting some new people too.

Live Deeply and make a new friend,



Dana and Daisy said...

I love that one of the circles in the squares!
And the mermaid, too!

Glad you had so much fun! Welcome home!
Love, Dana and Daisy

Anonymous said...

I have been checking since Saturday to see if anyone had posted pictures of the hook in and yours is the first I've seen! My friends and I had been planing for months to attend, but the weather kept us at home. How ironic since we only live 2 hrs away in MO and you came all the way from Arkansa. I look forward to any other comments and photos you have to post. Thanks! Sarah

katie said...

Vickie, thanks for showing us some of Lenexa's rugs. I didn't get to go either due to weather and health. Patty from Saltbox primitive woolens went than left her camera at her sisters in Indep.
Glad you got to go.

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