Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What a Day of Hooking......

Progress was made on all the rugs today.That is till Carol Brown showed up.Carol is a Licensed Master Massage Therapist/Instructor.We love it when she arrives with her chair and works on us.
Carol working on Dianne's hands.If you have ever hooked a rug you know that it can get to you hands after a long day of hooking.

Carol has Nelda right where she wants her for a good massage.If you are ever in Eureka Springs and would like a massage look Carol up, you will love her.

Victoria helped Kathy with the faces and arms on the rug.
Closeup of Kathy's rug.
I just love this picture of Sue's wool cut and waiting to be used.

I wish you could see the detail in Laura's rug.It is going to be beautiful.
Dianne is working with a wide cut on her cute snowman.
Here you see Minnie's rose.Can't you just smell it?
Jo Ann's little sheep is looking so good.
Nelda's leaves are almost done.YAH!!! Nelda....
Here Belva is putting in some of the red that will be her background.
Paula's flowers look like you could reach out and pick them.
Live Deeply and go get a massage.


Anonymous said...

oooohhhhhsooooooopretty!!!!Tell those girls hi!!!! Is fun seeing what they are doing too!!!

WoolenSails said...

What gorgeous rugs. I would like to do more detailed rugs too, just need to get in the dye pots and expand my color palette.


JoJo said...

Beautiful rugs, Vicki. And the pictures of the massage are enough to give me goosebumps. I really need to get another massage scheduled. They feel so darn good.

Are you surviving your schedule of two rug camps, back to back? I'll bet you're getting downright tired!!