Friday, March 13, 2009

A Night Out....

Last night Adam and I went to Rogers for a pipe club meeting he wanted to go to. The old downtown part of Rogers has made a great comeback.I have not been to all the shops yet but I spent last night in a very sweet little shop."Knit Wicks"is a great yarn shop and they stay open late on Thursday nights,till 10:00.Now I do not knit,but I love yarn and roving and Elizabeth Hamrin owner (seen below) had made a homey atmosphere to come and sit for a bit and knit,crochet or in my case hook.
Tuesday,March 17 from 10-10 KnitWick's is having a St.Patty's day sale..EVEYTHING is on SALE!!!! I am going and if you are close you should stop by.I am starting a new rug soon and I need yarn for it.

I forgot to ask the name of this lady. She is working on a Ashford spinning wheel.One of these days I am going to learn to spin.

These are the hands of David that looked right at home in the middle of all the yarn.
Cindy was crocheting a baby blanket.

Clarissa was kniting but I never asked her what see was working on.I sat on a big comfy couch and talked to her and Cindy.Very nice ladies.
Live Deeply and go buy some yarn.


Evonne and Gerrit said...

Looks like your kind of place. I don't knit, but I crochet (sp). Last Sat I got a call from a young Momma from our church who had just found out that she would be delivering a stillborn. Very sad. She wanted me to make a white blanket for the funeral. I ran to town for the yarn and worked like crazy to get it down fast as we didn't know how much time we had. I got it finished on Sunday. She delivered on Tuesday and the funeral was Wed. A lot of tears went into that blankie.

Dana and Daisy said...

hey girl, do they sell ashford wheels?

coinguyslady said...

Dana, Yes they do and spinning wheels and looms are included in the sale.

Evonne, What a sad deed for you to do.