Friday, January 16, 2009

Page 56, Sentence 5 & 6

Dana over on A Cat in my Lap is playing tag so I thought I might join her.Here are her rules:
1.Find the NEAREST book at your fingertips.
2.Turn to page 56.
3.Start with the fifth sentence on the page.
4.Copy no more than 4 sentences, at least two.
5.Give your bibliography ( I added this rule)
6.Pass along to others.

Page 56, Sentence 5,6,7 & 8
1733 May 17 Molasses Act passed,which placed high duties on rum and molasses imported from French and Spanish West Indies.Admission of American merchants into the rum trade of French West Indies (1713)caused a boom in sugar on those islands.Planters on the English islands lost out as New England ships put into French and Dutch ports to load up with cheap sugar. They petitioned Parliament and forced passage of the Molasses Act, which levied prohibitive duties on sugar and molasses brought to the colonies from other than British possessions.
The Encyclopedia of American Facts and Dates.....

I know..I know this is bad..

Now this is not a book I am reading but Adam had it right by the computer and it was the only book within reach, other than the dictionary I keep close for my bad spelling.I love to read but I keep all my books in my bedroom.

By-the-way, the dictionary's page 56,sentence 5 is...aurevoir ( Farewell)

Live Deeply,


Dana and Daisy said...

hey girl, tried calling you. Everyone okay?
Also did you hear I am going to join you and cynthia at the tea party at the crescent?

I also had a cute idea to go with your theme.
Email me. I hope everything is going to be okay.
Love you!

Dana and Daisy said...

p.s. that was a weird book to have lying right there.
I figured it was going to be an arkansas history book.