Monday, January 19, 2009

Day Three is Over...

I thought I would show you some of the hookers here this week and some of the rugs being worked on.We are having a great tine. I am not sure I laugh this much all year.Tuesday is our open for the public day so if you are close, come is us.Tell Vicki sent you... I think Minnie Vaughn is the oldest hooker we have here this weekend.

Lyn Comstock is on this nice round rug.

Here you have Janet Tidwell.

This is Jan Adams and her rug and in the back you can see Dianne Sharp.

Pam Skinner is working on a reindeer rug.

Here you see Linda Dillow and her lion and lamb rug .

This is Judith Groff and the chair sit she is working on.

This is the rug I have been working on and today was the big day,I finished it !!!!! This rug is for my grandson Ryan.
Live Deeply, and go pet a sheep.


katie said...

Vicki, thanks for showing all the hookers in Eureka. It was like old home week for me, because I know most of them. Everyones rugs are just beautiful. Ryan I bet will be so happy with his. Continue to show us pictures.

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Dana and Daisy said...

Ryan's rug is really cute! I like the way the lion and lamb is turning out too!

they are all beautiful!