Monday, January 5, 2009

Beautiful Day Looking at the Past...

Friday Adam spent a beautiful day around Boxley Arkansas looking for my past.It was a warm day for January, so we went for a drive back into the past.I knew "Whiteley" was a name from my family and I knew some of them were from Boxley,but I did not know how big a influence they had on the Boxley Valley on the Buffalo River. For more then 30 years the town of Boxley was known as Whiteley Mills.
I love to look at old cemeteries.Next trip down I am going to take paper and do some rubbing of the headstones.

This is the old Boxley Church that my family started.Cool...

This beautiful swan was on the old Whiteley Mill Pond.There was three of them and they all green collars on.

Elk have been brought back into the Boxley valley and it is a site to see.
If you ever get time to take a drive,go through Boxley Valley, you will love it.
Live Deeper,


Dana and Daisy said...

whoa cool! So you and Adam got away today! Awesome. Are those green collars a danger to those swans? They look like they are about to choke to death.

coinguyslady said...

I not't think they are a danger.Looks like something to keep track of where they are.

Felina said...

That was beautiful! I'm so fortunate to have a similar place to return to in Clarksville, AR, where my maternal grandparents were born and raised. Both of their families' homesteads still stand (one of them functioning!), and my family has the opportunity to visit the gravesites of my great grandparents near a huge, old two story church over "Yarber" (Yarborough) mountain outside of town.
There are so few Americans who have any known roots at all.... treasure them, ma'am!
It's a pleasure reading your blog! If you're ever down in Sheridan, holler at me!