Thursday, August 7, 2008

Boats and buddies

As Adam and I came home from work today we looked out upon the lake as we always do.Today we saw something we had never seen before.There coming across the lake this boat???car??? Of course we had to stop and get a better look.I took some video of it too and if I can figure out how I will put it on here.I don't know what you would call this thing but it was cool.I never pay much attention to the boats but it was hard to miss this sight.

This is my buddy Dana in class at I think she has taken more classes a ESSA this year then anyone.This week she is taking "Collage and Assemblage with found objects" with Chris Fischer.I stopped out by the school yesterday to see how things were going.What a lie!!!I am just jealous that I can't be there to.This class looked like such fun.I know Dana will be telling us all about it on her blog

I do get to take a class next month Leaping Into Bead Sculpture with Eleanor Lux.I am really looking forward to that class. I think Dana is going to that one too.


Dana Jones said...

that boat is kooky, only in Arkansas!

I thought I left another comment heer, but I don't see it. So in case it got lost in cyberspace, let me say thank you for posting about me and my blog and hey, what a good picture you took of me! Okay, you can take pictures of me anytime!

coinguyslady said...

I thought you might like that one.It did come out good,but it started with a good subject.You.

Dana Jones said...

awe, (blush)