Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Birthdays and Brown Bag Dolls

What you are looking at here is part of a project my doll club is doing.We call it the Brown Bag Doll.We start with a brown bag and add 15 items,5 must be fabric.Then each month each person takes a different bag and add to the doll.This year has been harder then the others because we don't have as many participating this time so we have worked on the same doll more than once.

The person that started this doll wanted this ball to be part on it.So it is up to me now to make the ball look like it belongs to this doll and not just dropped in his lap.

Here as a close up of the head that I needle felted for him last month.I think he needs a hat so that is my project for today.In two weeks we have our lunch party.That is when we get to see what our doll turned out like.It is great fun.

Full view.He has great boots on. The ball is black and white, but I think it needs to be gold like all the details on his clothes.

Yesterday was my 47th birthday. I had to work but Adam took me out to dinner later to a great restaurant and then book shopping. I love books.This pic is of me and my Mommy and Daddy when I was very new,I don't know how old I was tho.Note: the cigarette in mom's hand(bad Mommy).Dad was 22 here and Mom was 18 and they had been married 2 years.Yes, my Mom was 16 when they married and she would not let me even start dating till I was 16.


JoJo said...

Happy belated Birthday wishes to you, Vicki! But I've gotta say ~~ at 47, you're still just a youngster!! And no, I won't tell you how old I'm going to be in October!

I love that picture of your mom and dad with you as a baby. But did you ever think that the reason your mom wouldn't let you date until you were sixteen is BECAUSE she got married at 16? The first time around, I got married at 18 and believe me, that's too young. But this second time -- with Gerry -- well, he's my soul mate and we're coming up on 25 years in March!

Dana Jones said...

Happy Birthday Vickie! I didn't see any billboards or anything announcing it! (That's what I do.)

I'm going to post you in my links section on both blogs. Maybe you'll get some more traffic. I love your blog! Makes me homesick for the cabin.