Friday, August 29, 2008

Last Day of Camp Two! So Sad...

C.J. from Seneca Mo. is a new hooker.She spent her time learning how to pull loops.Here she s working on one of my patterns.
Mindy from Neosho Mo. is a very new hooker to but she did not waist any time making headway on her witch rug.I can't remember who's pattern this is.

Anita from Berryville Ar. was in hog heaven with all the bright colors of handdyed wool Nola brought with her.

Charleen fro Eureka Springs Ar. worked on a snowman purse. Here she is putting the last buttons on and next will be the handle.

Karen from Hot Springs Village Ar. is a pro and made quick time of this cute bunny rug for her granddaughter.

Robin from Van Alstyne Tx. had never pulled a loop when she got here and now look at her go.She did a great job.

Karen from Ozark Mo. started a BIG rug, and if she did not reverse hook so much she would've had most of this rug done.She is one fast hooker.

Nelda is from Warsaw Mo. and she is hooking this rug for one of her girls.It really looks great.

This is Lyn from Rogers,Ar.and her dogs.Each dog is a different color and is just as cute as can be.

This is Arlene from Hot Springs Village,Ar. and her cow.I wish you could see the details of the flowers and the tail.
We had one more lady there,Sherri from Coweta Ok. but, she alluded my camera.

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