Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What I Have Been Up To THis Week...

This week I got what my daddy calls a "wild-hair" and I took apart a room in my house.This is my guest room and it did not look inviting at all.I did not take pics of the gross carpet that was in there, you will just have to take my word for it. Bad!!!

So I ripped it up and through it out the door.

Here you can see the big hole I cut in the wall.See that pluming sticking out of the wall, it started life as a sink.Yes, there was a sink in the bedroom.My son-in-law did the hard part and capped off the pipes and then I put the wall back together.That is the wall behind him in the pic below.
Now comes the fun part, laying the carpet.Now you might ask way I did not just hire someone to come in and do it.Well, to make a long story short, a few years ago I had two men come to lay carpet in my bedroom and one of them had a heart attack and died.No more of that.

My sweet son-in-law Jay, did offer to help, so here we are working hard.
I think we did a great job.Look out Jay, we have four more rooms to go.

Now here is the room all done.It is my red,white and blue room.If you look close you can see that the walls are papered in brown paper sacks.It also has a hand painted border.

All ready for guest. My mother-in-law will be the first to stay in it, she is coming this weekend.
This is a old printers tray that I have had forever but it has not been hanging for years.Some of the little things in it I have had since I was a child.
I just had to add a little color to my lady.
I love this old wash table I found at a yard sale for 20.00. I am so happy to have one room all done.
By-the-way, Adam does not know what I have been up too.Boy will he be surprised when he gets home this weekend.
I just had to show you what my friend Jody gave me today.I have never seen anything like these but she knew just what they were.
Ain't they cute! Each one has info on the back that tells all about the animal.
It is all most rug hooking camp time so come back the rest of the week as I will be posting about it.

Live Deeply and go rip up some carpet,

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Kim said...

The room looks great. You were very busy. After you told the story of the carpet guys, I understand you not wanting to go throught that again. Wow.