Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pictures for Rock Creek Hook-in, Lenexa Ks.2011

This weekend was the Rock Creek Hook-in in Lenexa, Ks.Adam and I got into Lenexa about 12:00 Friday night after a 6 hour drive.The roads were good on our drive but the next morning things were not so good.There was a light freezing rain through the night and the roads were slick Sat.morning.We made it to the show OK but the weather keep a lot of people from coming.
I am posting some pictures of the show today and I will post more tomorrow.I did not get name s for the rugs but I hope you will enjoy them anyway.

This is one of my new pins.I have been having fun making little monsters.
Here is Adam working the booth.I wish you could see the pin I made him,it says " I love Hookers". He really does love talking to all the ladies and the hubbies of some of them.

There I am with all my goodies.

For all the hookers that did not make it to the Hook-in, we missed you.Hope to see down the road sometime. Don't forget about the" NWA Hook-in" in Eureka Springs, Ar. June 11,2011.Ice should not be a problem then.hehe

Live Deeply,


WoolenSails said...

A lot of wonderful rugs at the show, wish I were closer.


Carol Miller said...

Hi Vicki...I searched your entire blog for an email link in order to try and contact you but could find none....found everything else but that I think ...hahaha...so hope this note helps. I am interested in several of your cute, cute pins ! Could you contact me at ticklepie@cox.net ? THanks ! Best regards, Carol in Az

Traci said...

LOL!!! I LOVE the monsters! They are too cute! :D