Friday, June 28, 2013

NWA Hook-In 2013....Great Times Had by All...

 The 2013 NWA Hook-In had a turnout of over 100 ladies and some hubbies. We even had a few young girls that are learning to hook.
 Lots and lots of shopping was going on.
 There was wool, patterns, wool, books, wool,crazy quilt makings, wool, felted pins, wool, hooks, wool, Baskets, wool, hooked pins  oh and did I say wool!

 And lots and lots on talking!!! Old friends and new friends.


 We have the best venders in the world. Above is Carolyn Snyder and below is Gina Levesque.


 Above is  Marilyn Moore and below Renee Rethman.


 Above is Ginnie Beaman and below is Janice Johnson

 Above is Judy Cripps and below is Victoria Hart Ingalls.

 Above is Aileen Anderson and below is Tom Ingalls.


 Above is Kay Kjeldgaard and lastly was me (no pictures).

 Anita and the girls.
 Oh no!!! I forgot Patty Wallace as one of our venders.

Thank you to all the venders for giving us yummy things to shop from and from the venders, thank you to all you shopper for your support.

Save the date: next years NWA Hook-In is June 13 Classes, 14 Hook-In 2014.

Live deeply,

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WoolenSails said...

It looks like a wonderful hook in and lots of great vendors.