Monday, April 11, 2011

Rugs Coming Along and New Journal.....

  I have been hooking my little heart out.My fine hooking project is coming right along.Here I am looking a pictures of my teachers footstool and am hooking as much like hers as I can.
  I really want to take some pictures of real flowers and start a project from that point. I am going to get outside with my camera and stake out some flower beds.Hopefully people will not think I am too crazy. 
 You fine hookers out there tell me what you think and also tell me what helps you.
 My sheep is coming along too. I have made some changes and I am still not sure about the face.The main problem I am having is I am away from my wool stash.I have very little wool with me so I am having a hard time.I NEED WOOL In Illinois! It is very hard to work from to houses.

Adam and I went to a craft show Sunday and I found the neatest journal from"The Journal Ladies"  .The journals are crafted by a mother-daughter team.Each journal is crafted from salvaged vintage books.
 They use acid-free paper in each journal and also some of the book's original pages.

 When I open this book the first thing I saw was this sheep. I just had to have it.Go look at the link above,I think you will love them.
Live Deeply and Enjoy the Sun Shine....


katie said...

I have never done any fine hooking but I think yours looks amazing.
Love the journals also, went and took a look. Great idea these ladies had.

Jasminmoon said...

Absolutely beautiful!!!!!! Love the look of the fine hooking, and I love doing it, but it is so SLOW! Call Victoria for August!