Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How I Spent My Weekend....Hook-in at Bishop Hill Illinois...

 This weekend I got to go to a hook-in at Bishop Hill, Illinois.This was the first year for this Hook-in and we all had a great time.Here is Ella overlooking things as everyone arrived.
 Ella and her hubby Frank own "Prairie Arts Center" in Bishop Hill and what a cute shop it is.They sell all handmade things.Jeffrey Goard is the potter at the shop and I would like to say a big "think you !" to Jeff for the door prizes he gave for the hook-in.I won a fantastic coffee mug and I am drinking coffee from it right now.
 I know Ella's daughter Sherry was a big help to her mom in getting everything ready for the Hook-in.It was great to finally meet Sherry.
 Lots of hooking was getting done.

 Janice from "The Rug Hooking Store at Black Horse Antiques" was the vender for the Hook-in and a lot of shopping and planning of rugs was going on.Thanks to the sales team for all the help you gave everyone.

 I do believe there was more talking done then hooking, but isn't that what a Hook-in all about.

 The store had some great things to look at and beautiful wool too.

 Ella had a new pattern to buy wool for.Here you can see a big group effort in color planning Ella's rug.

 Here is a few rugs that being worked on.
 This hippo was wonderful. I don't think the colors are showing as good here as they looked.
We all had a great day and it even snowed a little.Sherry said it had to snow on the daffodils.

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Dana and Daisy said...

Ah! You are making friends up there! I am not surpirsed. Great looking rugs by the way, Very artistic. i bet you fit right in!

WoolenSails said...

Lots of beautiful rugs being made, but Ella's rug is absolutely gorgeous. I love the design and her color choices. Is that her own design?


coinguyslady said...

If you are asking about the rug in the first picture that is sitting in front of Ella, that is the rug I am working on and it is a Jane McGowan Flynn pattern.

TamboinMO said...

Wow! Those are some fabulous rugs....would love to know the story behind the one with the woman and the lions.....really spectacular!

coinguyslady said...

The rug you are asking about is in a 3 cut and it was drawn by her nephew.It is "Danial in the lion's den".
It was wonderful up close.The eyes of the lions looked real.

katie said...

Great to see all the rugs being hooked. Looks like you all had a great time.